Flame 2 (Burial + The Bug)

Dive / Rain


Released: 9th August 2019

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The second instalment of The Bug and Burial's collaborative series. As Flame 2, the sound is post-apocalyptic, a cyberpunk imagining of a decaying city continually battered by rain and the steam of ominous machines. Minimal in its elements, Dive builds at a glacier's pace, with a bassline slowly increasing in volume and dynamic range, pushing the atmospheric chords and cascading reverbs up into the heavens. Rain, on the flip, is more propulsive using the same palette: a marching, submerged snare that flits across the stereo field before disappearing into the chasms opened up by Kevin Martin's bass. The effect is actually more like classic experimental dubstep, with woofer-bothering frequencies lurching and towing the rhythms ever further downwards.