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Post Era

El Rancho

Released: 2nd February 2018

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Glasgow has always had a knack for producing curious, soulful, stylish music against the grain of the at-times harsh, cold concrete and sandstone of its environment. Lylo are a 5 piece who've somehow managed to conjure a mirage of silk, a pop music that speaks of heart-ache in expensive, convertible cars, highways rather than motorways and an impeccable production that's resplendent in the sort of stylistic flourishes that are pure drugs for listeners who are on board. Instrumentally, the group play like pros, all Hall & Oats studio perfection, with saxophone searing new patterns into a glowing night club atmosphere. The vocals are completely on point, a self-contained, unselfconscious soulful croon that manages to combine Sade-like cadence with a charming, almost deconstructed, masculinity. While the spectre of the 80s looms large, specifically the likes of Talk Talk, or a more soulful Tears For Fears, in the surprising, hyperactive aggressive rhythm section Lylo really set themselves apart from mere homage artists. Indeed, songs like It's Good To Know Your Man have almost late 80s King Crimson-esque breakdowns that set up the melodic segments beautifully.