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Sweeping Promises

Hunger For A Way Out

Feel It

Released: 12th January 2021

LP£21.99 Buy Now In Stock. Dispatched today.

Sweeping Promises are simply one of the most exciting post-punk adjacent groups we've heard in years. Melodic, passionate, DIY, post-punk, wired, thrilling, e-bloody-ssential.

At the end of November 2020, we were skimming through some "things we might have missed" lists and oh my, did we nearly miss something special. Boston's Sweeping Promises released Hunger For A Way Out at the end of summer and we've just managed to get some in before it sells out again. Hearing this band for the first time injects a shot of adrenalin, like hearing Sleater Kinney for the first time aged 17, it's taut, interlocked music powered by some incredible vocals and enough space in between all its parts to make the whole rippling with anxious energy.

Honest to god, every track on Hunger fo A Way Out feels like a greatest hit run through a tape tascam. Like every great band of the post-post-punk diaspora, you could sit and list a whole raft of bands that Sweeping Promises reference but really that would be missing the point. It's got jagged, wire-y guitars, driving mid-frequency basslines sometimes break up like Young Marble Giants, angular synth riffs that recall Devo but most importantly every song has hooks and choruses for days, the vocal absolutely loaded with attitude and melody.

To be honest with you, I'm kicking myself for not hearing this a little earlier as it should have been one of our albums of the year. It's so instant, so alive I can almost feel it in the future, can imagine sweating and singing along at a small venue at some point when things get better.

Just buy this.