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Richard Youngs and Daniel O' Sullivan

Twelve Of Hearts


Released: 23rd December 2020

LP Red Vinyl£20.99Out of Stock

Limited to 500 on red vinyl.

Twelve of Hearts is the debut album by experimental songwriters, Daniel O’Sullivan and Richard Youngs. Each song has four chords. No more. No less. They cycle without variation. They never change key. As Youngs sings on Oblivion Riviera, this is “the glittering formula”.

Let's be frank. Richard Youngs could sing the phone book (for you youngsters it was a massive tome you'd get delivered that had every phone number in your city in it. It was like the internet but really bad for tress) and someone would release it and we would love it. He probably has done this already. Richard, if you're reading you can have that idea. Daniel O' Sullivan is a long-time psychedelic traveller whose work has graced several genres and groups (This Is Not This Heat, Guapo, Ulver, Grumbling Fur) and together they've made a playful, lovely record that's a career highlight for the both of them.

The lightness of touch combined with the surprising earnestness of the delivery really makes this a special one. It's got a first 3 solo Brian Eno albums pathos to it, with simple rearrangements beautifully recorded and rendered by the two warm souls behind the controls. On Big Gold Star, the duo are in lullaby mode, with a lulling chord progression that blooms into a Youngs lead vocal that just absolutely melts the heart. I'm actually close to tears here in the empty shop listening to this song. It's a Christmas song for the rest of us, touched by a human spirituality that is hard to pin down. Fear Catches The Sky is reminding me of the Anthony Moore work from the mid to late 70s, with a Country inflection and sweet waves of harmony gently splashing all around me.