Nein Rodere

What Party?


Released: 3rd November 2017

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Seeping out through an obfuscation of tape hiss and degraded samples, Nein Rodere asks "What Party?" in the middle of a black hole where a party used to be. What Party emits outsider tropes while simultaneously managing to load up each composition with an embarrassment of hooks: indeed, a track like The Sweat From Your Inner Elbow creates an air of familiarity after half a listen. Rodere - aka Glasgow-based visual artist and songwriter David Roeder - brews up an epic tale from distorted beats and his own unique, sonorous croon resembling Lee Hazlewood going as Ian Curtis for Halloween. The balance between naivety and assured self-expression is struck perfectly, with a more experimental, synth-scape piece at the end of the cassette encapsulating the tension between the two.