Fantastic Something

If She Doesn't Smile (It'll Rain)


Released: 30th September 2017

Classic archive work from Em's micro label Em Custom, offering a glimpse into the world of post-punk folk pop. Fantastic Something's most iconic moment fits very much into Mike Alway's Cherry Red aesthetic of the time. Two good looking Greek guys (brothers) coming on like Simon & Garfunkel fronting Aztec Camera or Maurice Deebank era Felt with sweeter singing. Pre-empting Johnny Marr at his most melodic and also weirdly, Gerard Love's Lightships project (from memory, Norman was a fan).

As punk, and the DIY ethic, had changed the landscape, enabling bands to self-release their material, eventually a slew of genres crept out of the woodwork. By the early 80s, there was a reaction against wilder guitar bands, one being a trend of indie, bedsit-folk-pop. 1983 saw the release of this jangly summer single, by Fantastic Something (Alex and Constantin Veis), with an instrumental version on the flip. It was followed by an album two years later for Cherry Red's offshoot, Blanco Y Negro.

This reissue has been Direct Metal Mastered, pressed on blue vinyl, and housed in a glossy picture sleeve.