Breakfast Muff


Amour Foo

Released: 7th July 2017

From Glasgow’s fertile DIY punk scene come Breakfast Muff, a thrillingly uncompromising pop trio who are set to release their new album Eurgh! on 7 July via Amour Foo Records. Featuring songs about sexuality, feminism and feelings, Eurgh! ranges from soft to screechy, and is an all-round giant dose of fun. Bandmates Eilidh McMillan (Rapid Tan, Joanna Gruesome), Simone Wilson (Hairband, Mary Column) and Cal Donnelly (Spinning Coin, Rapid Tan) switch between guitar, bass and drums in a cacophony of anxiety, celebration and creativity.

New track 'R U A Feminist' aims to call out those who use feminism to mask their violence, exclusion or oppression towards others (e.g – white feminism, trans exclusion, shady guys in the scene). DIY chose 'R U A Feminist' as their Neu Pick, writing: "Following the band’s equally vicious, angry recent single ‘Babyboomers’, ‘R U A Feminist’ is just as intense, with every word spat from vocalist Eilidh McMillan’s mouth feeling like a battle cry." The album title Eurgh! perfectly encapsulates Breakfast Muff’s sound. It’s an expression that can be both an exclamation of disgust or a cry of passion, and in this album it’s certainly both. This is echoed by the striking line-drawn illustrations on the cover, by Kate Gallagher. Kate has collaborated on the artwork for several of the band's releases, and is uniquely able to provide a visual expression of the band's sound.

Signed copies.