I Will Kill Again

Song By Toad

Released: 3rd March 2017

After a break of three years performing under the moniker of Supermoon, Neil Pennycook came back to Meursault in 2016 - on Meursault's long-awaited return Pennycook said:

“I started writing I Will Kill Again four years ago. It was initially intended to be a direct follow up to Something for the Weakened, to be played as a straight-up rock album. That record never got made, the live band dissolved and I started to play solo under the name Supermoon. In this time the arrangements changed and evolved. In most cases, the songs became unrecognisable from their previous incarnations, but the lyrics and themes remained. The title reflects the theme of the album. Loosely, it's about the idea of villainy within a narrative and people's willingness to portray themselves as antagonists within their own story. The suggested narrative of the album is told from the point of view of two central characters: a cliched struggling writer (we'll call him William) and a ghost (Sarah).”