Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3 - German Rock & Electronic 71-81

Soul Jazz

Released: 1st December 2017

This latest instalment in Soul Jazz Records’ successful ‘Deutsche
Elektronische Musik’ series delves deeper into the German nation’s
vaults to bring a fascinating new collection that again brings together
a selection of classic German electronic and rock groups, including
Neu!, Cluster, Popol Vuh, La Düsseldorf and Agitation Free, alongside
a host of rare tracks by lesser known artists such as Michael Bundt,
Bröselmaschine, Dronsz and Achim Reichel. The music of ‘Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3’ ranges from the introverted pastoralism of Hans Joachim Roedelius and Bröselmaschine to the angular and futuristic electronic experimentations of Klauss Weiss, Pyrolator, Deuter and Michael Bundt, to the proto-punk of La Düsseldorf and the heavy space, progressive and cosmic rock of Missus Beastly, Niagara and Dyzan.
The music on ‘Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3’ was recorded in the
1970s up to the early 1980s, at a time when forward-thinking
German electronic and rock groups were searching for a new musical
identity in order to separate themselves from both the cultural legacy
of post-World War II Germany as well the ‘cultural imperialism’ of
USA and UK rock. In this process, German groups created some of
the most unique and inspired music, the defining motorik beat
alongside a host of ethno-musical influences from far afield -
including Turkey, India, Brazil - as well as the musical and futurist
possibilities of developments in electronics and technology itself. ‘Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3’ is released as a deluxe double CD
pack, heavyweight triple LP and digital download album. The new
extensive sleevenotes are by David Stubbs, who is the author of the
acclaimed book ‘Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern
Germany’ (Faber & Faber).