Gust De Meyer


JJ Funhouse

Released: 24th October 2017

Numbered, limited to 500, White Vinyl.
Peaceful, floaty early experiments on domestic synthesisers. Gus De Meyer, an academic in computer games and early proponent of dance music in his native Belgium, collaborated with Wim Martens on several releases before creating his opus Casioworks, using exclusively a Casiotone VL1 recorded direct onto a Fostex tape machine. There’s something wonderfully utopian about these works, a kind of 4th world mysticism in the cyclical patterns and melodic resolutions. Much of Casioworks floats by, tickling the warm recesses of your mind. Undoubtedly, the tonal restrictions are part of the appeal: there’s a pleasant inevitability and worrylessness in every track, like lazily drifting down a river in blissful abandon.