Vital Idles

My Sentiments / The Garden

Nu Sonic

Released: 9th December 2016

Limited to 500.
Existing at the meeting point between naivety and inspiration, Glasgow group Vital Idles have been a live staple for a couple of years, rapidly issuing self-recorded demos into the ether and on cassette. My Sentiments / The Garden is their debut on vinyl, on new label Nu Sonic. Vital Idles are adept at imbuing wry, almost dirty sentiments into alluring arrangements, with a charming wonk all their own. The A-side chugs at a rapid pace, bordering on post-79 UK DIY indie (think Swell Maps devoid of the lumbering avant garde elements), with vocalist Jessica Higgins playing the "we really mean it, man" cards pretty close to her chest. On the flip, The Garden is possibly the real winner. Using Belle and Sebastian-esque trumpet and violin flourishes, Higgins is pretty overt with the randy overtones. It's a song that's dressed in pretty, sad chord changes but at its heart is naughty in the grandest of British tight-lipped traditions.