The Shins


Aural Apothecary / Columbia

Released: 10th March 2017

The Shins hit us with their 5th album, the venerable feat that is 'Heartworms'.
Packed full of the bracing melodicism and psychedelic twists and turns that have endeared us to them for so long.

Beginning with the sunshine pop sounds of 'Name For You', as smooth and warming as a top-down drive through a palm-lined road. Effervescent harmonies and Mercer's trademark vocal acrobatics. As we blaze into follower, 'Painting A Hole' we see a slightly darker side with grooving distorted bass and galloping militant percussion before breaking into a saturated swooning vocal melody and neon synths.

Move along a little further and we are presented with a brilliant country-acoustic number in the beautifully swinging vibes of 'Mildenhall'. A longing ode to America and all her charms, lingering acoustic plucks and horseshoe percussives ride through the sound field like a travelling caravan. 'Half A Million' ramps up the eccentricity a notch with a snarling college-rock anthem, relentlessly edging forward with aplomb into the acoustic psychedelia of 'Dead Alive'

A brilliantly varied and exciting return for The Shins, and full of everything that made us love them in the first place.