Pip Blom

Babies Are A Lie / School

Nice Swan Records

Released: 12th January 2018

A bolt from the blue, Pip Blom is a songwriter / bandleader from Amsterdam but soon to be a permanent resident in the worn out cavity where your heart should be. School / Babies Are A Lie is a bona fide Double A 7". The nominal A-Side, Babies Are A Lie is impossibly perfect with its sunshine vs. overcast tone dynamics. With a sweeter, slower pace it hits home like Hinds (Deers?) covering The Lemonheads, a bittersweet tale of young love that explodes with spiked serotonin at the chorus. On the flip side Blom opens up with a crunchy, distorted guitar before her band lurches in, like The Breeders did before they slowed down, except here Blom's tales of being late for school sound completely believable. Grungy and to the point, perfectly catchy and with barely 4 lines, School is rife with that dread you felt getting up to be indoctrinated into System, before adulthood wrecked your dreams and made you get a job. Pip Blom is there for you, if you're too young and idealistic for this cruel world, or if you remember what that feeling was like. Bunk off school.