Various Artists

Crown Ruler Sound (Curated by Jeremy Spellacey)


Released: 17th July 2017

BIG. A tone-perfect collection of exotic grooves compiled by Australian crate digger Jeremy Spellacey and a slightly grittier, more soulful follow up to the Jeremy Underground compilation on Spacetalk. Listening to these double sides, there's almost too many highlights. We're reminded of the golden age of music blogs, when intrepid bloggers would dig out rare and impossibly hard to find grooves from all over the world.

Opening with Let Your Body Talk by Ezy & Isaac, a louche Balearic groove washed with swelling synths sets the tone. We're in solid Psychemagik territory, make no mistake, with the huge I Love You by Stimela following with a laidback groove stomper. There is a big focus on African disco here, with tracks like Zambian Larry Maluma's Kamsule bringing a reggaefied groove-joy to your thirsty ears. There's a wonderful 80s Groover from The Staple Singers which is out of this world funky and a slow burning version of Move On Up by Devon Russell. There's just too much good stuff.

The noted Australian online record store and party promoters Crown Ruler have been quietly building a name for themselves as the go to guys for those seeking the rarest and most exclusive pieces of vinyl. They recently expanded operations to include a record label with their debut reissue of the Zulu EP by Focus becoming somewhat of a hit record with support across the board.

One half of Crown Ruler is Jeremy Spellacey and he has compiled a slice of the CR sound for Spacetalk that features some of his secret weapons and uber rare tracks.