Various Artists (Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch, etc.)

Twin Peaks (Limited Event Series Soundtrack)


Released: 22nd September 2017

Limited Edition Colour 2LP (Neon Green)

The eagerly awaited revival of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s revolutionary television series Twin Peaks is here, and with it, a new soundtrack. Music has always played a central role in Lynch’s work and it helped establish the haunting, dreamlike nature of the original Twin Peaks. The same is true for the new series. This limited edition Neon Green 2LP edition features twenty unique-to-the-show tracks.

‘Twin Peaks (Limited Event Series Soundtrack)’ heavily features grammy-award winning composer Angelo Badalamenti. Tracks will be revealed as they appear in the show. The fact that the Lynch-Badalamenti duo is back in town is something that will have old-school fans of Twin Peaks really excited about both the show and the characteristic music that - more than complementing the visuals - completes them.

There are 6 previously unreleased Angelo Badalamenti compositions on the score and one Angelo/David Lynch previously unreleased piece.