Pussy Mothers

The Number 1 E.P.

Optimo Music

Released: 19th August 2016

Pouring out from the decaying tenement flats of Glasgow, Pussy Mothers are a boy/girl duo making sumptuous electronic music that is as beautiful as it is wayward. On the ever dependable Optimo Music, The Number 1 E.P. is the most promising new electronic music we've heard from this city in a while. Over 5 tracks, there's an irresistibly funky power, with latin percussion, on-point analogue synthesizers and a effortlessly hook-filled vocal interplay that is just so incredibly inviting you never want to leave its embrace.

Pussy Mothers manage to craft, not unlike label-mates Golden Teacher, a skeletal, infectious groove out of many, many elements, somehow creating enough space in the mix for the listener's imagination to trip over itself with internal imagery dripping down from the speakers. This is the perfect meeting of the avant garde and the dance floor and it's absolutely essential.