Sally Dige

Holding On


Released: 17th November 2017

2nd album from Berlin-based Vancouver enigma Sally Dige. Beginning in synth-wave groups nestled within Vancouver's underground scene, Dige soon moved to Berlin to embark on a solo career as a pop producer and creative whirlwind. Auto-didactic and unique, Dige's artistic vision incorporates a glacial, gothic Madonna synth pop sound married with brutalist art and design reimagined by mid 80s Vogue. What shouldn't be overlooked in all this is Dige's voice, a low-pitched, gloomy instrument able to elucidate something jarring while still maintaining a poker face. Holding On follows on from Hard To Please, her debut album for Night School and here Dige has plunged further into the darkness. More doomed, Dige stalks the landscape here with a newfound sense of foreboding and emotion. The title-track is a blossoming, melodramatic ballad from the Depeche Mode rulebook, while a song like Be Gone tells of something genuinely sad and affecting poking through the veneer of style.

If anything, Holding On is a signpost to the future, a stop on Dige's journey to marry sparkling pop songs and style filtered through her unique, auteur's vision.