Thrilling Living

Released: 20th November 2017

Hell yes. Girlsperm are a new, itchy, essential punk group hailing from America's west coast featuring Tobi Vail, Layla Gibbon and Marissa Magic. Together the trio have been responsible for or involved in Bikini Girl, Skinned Teen, Mozart, Spider and The Webs, but who cares right? It's all about Girlsperm. The grooves and wires on show here are skeletal and vital, with shards of guitar flying through the air directly into your brain, an urgency born of minimalism and frustration. With a dual guitar and drums line up it's hard to escape Sleater-Kinney comparisons, though Girlsperm present a far more deconstructed, sinewy prospect. Other moments are so carefree and trashy they're like The Cramps stage-rushed by Pussy Galore, while songs like 20K Band are rendolent of Kleenex relocating to California and playing the basement squats of the strange, politically fractured and fraught 2017 America. While there's definitely political elements on GSP, treatises on personal relationships and power structures, it's irresistible, trebly fun. It's hard to deny a proper stomper like Social Death, with Skinned Teen's Layla Gibbon telling it how it is and the who-gives-a-fuck approach to the guitar by both players is to be celebrated forever and ever. We love Girlsperm.