Dominique Lawalrée

First Meeting

Catch Wave

Released: 17th March 2017

First Meeting is a collection of Dominique Lawalrée recordings which originally appeared on his own Editions Walrus imprint between 1978 and 1982. Some of them were earmarked for Brian Eno’s Obscure label but for whatever reason this perfect home for him was not to be. How to explain Lawalrée’s music - like a Jonas Mekas film, a Victor Pasmore painting or Erik Satie working 100 years later with the help of some sympathetic electronics. It just makes the room you’re in a much better place. Born in Brussels in 1954, Lawalrée’s appreciation of The Beatles and Stockhausen is about equal and somehow he always seems to find the right balance between melodicism and pure sound. Part amateur, part academic, he’s an obsessive, his feel for detail is impeccable, he always knows what to leave out and put in. This Catch Wave edition is really something, a beautiful pressing, just enough information and mystery to make you want to go a little further. So good.