Nine Inch Nails

The Downward Spiral


Released: 17th November 2017

Remastered in 2016 by Trent Reznor and featuring remastered artwork and pressed on 180gram vinyl. A holy grail of the 90s post-industrial landscape, The Downward Spiral was a hugely successful album, showcasing a growth in Reznor's songwriting that in no way blunted his self-loathing aspects and sonic wizardry. Despite its emotional severity and aural bloody-mindedness, The Downward Spiral produced numerous chart smashes and, most famously, the song "Hurt" which was to go on to be one of Johnny Cash's most celebrated performances when he covered it for his last series of albums. The Downward Spiral remains a benchmark in both NIN's catalogue and "alternative" music in general, representing one of the last movements in popular culture that was genuinely subversive while still having mass appeal.