Emma Pollock

In Search Of Harperfield

Chemikal Underground

Released: 4th March 2016

Emma Pollock's first album in over 5 years promises to be her greatest work to date. Following the angular The Law Of Large Numbers, Pollock returns to her spiritual home of Chemikal Underground with a baroque pop album. Produced by former ex-Delgado Paul Savage, "In Search Of Harperfield" recalls Kate Bush circa Lionheart with 60s pop flourishes and beautiful string arrangements that recall Pollock's work with her former band. The production is masterful, with arrangements that paint the songs in large brushstrokes, combining a Scott Walker-ish flair for the dramatic and Pollock's naturally melancholic vocals. "Harperfield" is the sound of an artist at one with her creative powers, still finding new nuances in her songwriting and having fun with expectations of traditional song.