Circuit Des Yeux

Reaching For Indigo

Drag City

Released: 8th December 2017

Circuit Des Yeux, aka songwriter Haley Fohr, has been carving her own way through the international underground with a sound that has always infused free-flowing, loose songs with a sense of purpose and ecstatic, otherworldly vocal performances. While earlier recordings sometimes felt uncomfortably close, with her formidable voice stretching the limits of the listener's emotional endurance, Reaching For Indigo combines a personal, internal narrative with expansive arrangements and beautiful, sweeping string and full-band touches. One of those records which continually sets off comparisons in the listener's ear (we're thinking Scott 4's lush orchestration in parts, Fred Neil or Robbie Basho's vocal performances) but also firmly cements the artist's voice as singular and unique.
Put simply, Reaching For Indigo perfectly combines the improvisatory flights with a tight band structure to ecstatic effect. The star is always Fohr's voice, a rich baritonal croon that seems to rumble from the depths of the earth unto the heavens, but the new-found confidence and control on show here pulls Circuit Des Yeux's songs into new territory, more accessible but also crystal clear and life-giving.