Immaculate Rivombo

Psychic Bridge From Bujumbura

Invisible Inc

Released: 15th September 2017

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Making a debut appearance on last year's Invisible Friends compilation we're very happy to be able to release a full 4-track EP from the enigmatic Immaculate Rivombo. Originally from Burundi, Immaculate has been living in Berlin for the last five years where she's been honing her sound: a fresh fusion of the city's infamous love of techno with the wholly organic sounds of her homelands adding a welcome warmth to the recordings: live djembe, square drum, metal castanets, bongos, guiro, jew's harp and mbira. Combined with her signature use of TB-303 the concoction brings entirely new meaning to the term "tribal" techno. She has produced an EP that manages to sound uplifting and spiritual at the same time as it dives headlong into a dark, dubby, deeply psychedelic dimension. Definitely one to watch out for.