Four Tet

New Energy


Released: 8th December 2017

And... here it is. There's been strong rumours of a new Four Tet studio album for a while now - the occasional shared track and a couple of eps brimming over with gorgeous intent. New Energy is incredibly Four Tet’s ninth full-length, and it arrives in good time to soundtrack the colours of autumn as we're sure Kieran Hebden (who is Four Tet) would like. The tracklist includes two tracks he's already shared, "Planet' and 'SW9 9SL', both of which are excellent.

01 Alap 02 Two Thousand and Seventeen 03 LA Trance 04 Tremper 05 Lush 06 Scientists
07 Falls 2 08 You Are Loved 09 SW9 9SL 10 10 Midi 11 Memories 12 Daughter 13 Gentle Soul
14 Planet