Anne Briggs

The Time Has Come


Released: 14th July 2017

Luxury reissue of undoubtably one of hte finest folk albums of the 70s. Features liner notes by Colin Harper, Alongside previously unseen photographs by Brian Shuel.

Offering Anne Briggs's finest original recordings alongside some notable covers (Lal Waterson, Steve Ashley, Stan Ellison, Henry McCullock) The Time Has Come marked a change of direction for Briggs - who had previously sung unaccompanied. The Time Has Come perfectly showcases the wildly intricate picking that marked her out as one of the great talents of the era.
"The Time Has Come is an absolute masterclass on words and guitar twisting into one another - the poetry goes beyond simple observation into deeply personal and profound lore. A timeless document of sweet and haunting melodies. My favourite record of all time."