Various Artists

Psychemagik Presents: Magik Sunset Pt. 2


Released: 21st October 2016

If you'd drifted into the shop here in Glasgow at any point in the last 2 months chances are you'd have caught the breezy, quietly psychedelic West Coast burn of Psychemagik's Magik Sunset set. Oozing into our lives, Magik Sunset Part 2 hits the spot yet again. Focusing more on the seductive, funky side of the sunset, Part 2 soundtracks the lights on Hollywood hill coming on in the inky night, disco-balls spinning at a cool mid-pace, endless grooves washing up on a Californian beach mid-Summer. As with Part 1, there's many names that offer scant biography: "The Electric Connection's "Cry Of The Lone Wolf" is a vocoder stormer, Frédéric Castel's outsider yacht rock "Open Up" is a serious contender for the most fragile, lush track across all 8 sides of the Magik Sunset series, all sad falsetto framed by drugged out distorted guitar spraying notes across the stereo field. Elsewhere the likes of Orchester Ambros Seelos offer up an electronic funk that wouldn't be amiss in the depths of the Ghost Box catalog. All things considered we can't wait for Parts 3, 4, 5, and onward.