Iona Fortune

Tao Of I with bonus Optimo Music Sampler CD

Optimo Music

Released: 8th December 2017

Iona Fortune's debut on Optimo Music breathes into life, an alien lifeforce, yet somehow comforting, with atmospheric tones and percussive bell sounds. The first of eight LPs interpreting the I Ching, Tao Of I seems to tap into a current strand in the electronic music scene - fourth world exploration, ambient drift, taiko drumming and far eastern influences - while still managing to forge something utterly unique. One of the many things that makes this album a success is the singular vision behind it. Each track flows into the other with a consistency that is remarkable. Long-waved analogue bass provides multiple platforms for digital percussion to dance upon, with stark shards of synth shimmering in the distance. It's an album that perhaps criticises "orientalism," with a seamless blowing apart of western ideas of far eastern musics. It does this chiefly by throwing multiple ideas at the canvas that all serve Fortune's vision... a stark landscape, dimly lit, but brave in its uncompromising nature.