The Slits



Released: 9th June 2017

Limited Purple vinyl edition.
One of the most important records of all time, The Slits' "Cut" stands as a blueprint for do-what-you-want punk, infused with the swirling influences prevalent in London's late 70s counter culture. It's tempting to look at Cut as a deliberate barrier-breaking statement: all-female, teenage and embracing multiple musical cultures simultaneously, it would be to almost overlook every beat, vocal, brittle guitar destruction bristling with energy. Ari-Up is lifeforce personified, leading Viv Albertine's intuitive guitar and Tessa Pollitt's inherently funky basslines. Though he was a cameo member, Budgie's drums on Cut are essential too, thumping and grooving on the backbone. If nothing else, listening to Typical Girls in 2017 still feels revolutionary.