KAS Product

Black & Noir

Soul Jazz

Released: 10th February 2017

Soul Jazz Records present a collection of lost recordings by French mutant experimental synth group KaS Product, all originally recorded in the period 1980 - 83. KaS Product feature on Soul Jazz Records’ recent ‘Punk 45 Les Punks: The French Connection’. Mainly recorded on early tape, synth and drum machines, KaS Product’s mixture of Spatsz’ hypnotic, electronic and angular hard-edged beats matched to the spiky vocals and guitar of Mona Soyoc have led to comparisons with Suicide, Liliput/Kleenex and Cabaret Voltaire, as well as to the group being forerunners of the cold wave / synth wave movement.
The recordings are taken from their early releases on the local Punk label from Nancy, France, at the start of the 1980s that were first put together on CD by the French Fan Club label in 1990.