Teen Canteen


Teen Canteen

Released: 26th April 2017

Limited splatter vinyl 10" E.P.

“You make me want to skip school though I don’t go to school anymore” is our introduction to this EP on the exquisite ‘What you gonna do about me’. There is a thread that runs through this EP of nostalgia for childhood, teen years and growing up. Carla Easton’s lyrics are,as always, on point and lead us on a rampage through her formative years. Pounding drums and piano drive the song forward towards a crescendo of harmonies, hand claps and happiness.

After the euphoria of the first track we move into a stripped back vocal and synth bass intro to ‘Can’t go Back (Starry Eyed)’. Lyrically my favourite track on show here. “Cut my teeth on diamond kisses, built a wall instead of bridges” and that’s just one example. The band weave in and out of this song beautifully complimenting the structure and feelings on show.

‘Millions’ has the feel of a modern-day Phil Spector Wall of sound song. I don’t think I’ve heard a band successfully pull this off since ‘Judy’ by The Pipettes. Soaring synth lifts the harmonies and call and response vocals carry us along. The ending does leave us a bit sad but that for me is the sign of a great song. It made us FEEL!

‘Sirens’ closes the EP. A piano led reworking of the pivotal track from the album Say It All With A Kiss. When Carla sings “let the sirens play” rather than let the sirens sound it brings the theme of this EP to a natural close.

Loss comes in many forms, whether it’s a relationship, our childhood dreams or even our confidence. In those times the Sirens can ‘be my sound’ and this folks – this is hope.