Love Is Love


Released: 12th May 2017

Woods' latest LP, Love Is Love, marks a departure from the group's sound to exciting effect. Smoother, but more soulful in delivery, Love Is Love has a spark and pop sensibility which adds another string to this band's remarkable bow.

“We walked down streets and crammed onto trains, our faces masks of fear. Unsure how to react, we, collectively, did not react. We grieved for a country and an ideal we never thought would die. We grieved for
a loss of certainty.
We argued about what we thought would happen. We preached understanding.
We advocated for anger. Some people said that we’d at
least get some incredible art, other people said that was a small view
of a world we were quickly realizing we’d misunderstood. Everyone
was right. Everyone was wrong. Art made in precarious times matters
as much as we let it matter.
But what are we looking for from the art we enjoy? Escapism? A
reckoning with harsh reality? A temporary shared hallucination? Music
can heal because it presents the pain of being human as universal.
Love Is Love was written and recorded in the two months
immediately following the election, but it’s not a record borne entirely
of angry, knee-jerk reaction to what America is becoming. Instead,
it’s a meditation on love, and on what life means now. Taking cues
from last year’s City Sun Eater In The River Of Light, it feels very
much like a record made from living, shoulder to shoulder, in a major
city: weaving psychedelic swirls of guitar between languid horns
reminiscent of the best Ethiopian jazz—Love is Love is a distinctly
New York record. It is a document of protest in uncertain times and
an open-hearted rejection of cynicism in favor of emotional honesty. It
is bright, and then, unexpectedly, a little dark sometimes too.
There will be parts of life where we will watch as events unfold and
we will feel helpless. We will not be sure of the future. On good days,
we’ll have each other. On the bad ones, we’ll turn to the art that helps
us feel something. Love is Love is a document of the new world we
live in, proof that light can come from despair and hope is still possible.
We just need a little help remembering it exists.”
—Sam Hockley-Smith