Rat Columns

Candle Power

Upset The Rhythm

Released: 7th April 2017

David West returns with Rat Columns with the strongest record under that moniker to date. West may have surfaced under many guises - Rank/Xerox, Liberation, Lace Curtain among many, but it's Rat Columns that offer the most "traditional" band format and it's all the better for it. On previous outings, particularly their Blackest Ever Black material, Rat Columns' have dwelled in gloomy bedrooms but on Candle Power we are firmly in the light-filled studio. Shades of Pastels, Go Betweens, even sunshine pop touches (strings!) dress up West's songwriting into new costumes. It's hard to pick a stand out on Candle Power: just when we're settled into melancholy, wistful tunes like Somebody Else's Dream we're thrown into an incredibly catchy, baroque-synth pop tune like Blinded By The Shadow.

Candle Power is a beautiful album to be pored over, over time and over a mending heart.

Recorded in Guildford, Western Australia, with the Perth crew of West, Amber Gempton, Louis Hooper and Chris Cobilis, ‘Candle Power’ sees the band's universe of chiming guitar pop explode into new worlds of colour and shade. It’s an album as happy to walk home in the rain as it is to reel dizzily through daylight. It’s melancholic lilt tempered by a quietly-sung optimism. ‘Candle Power’ tunnels further than ever before down the pop mainline, cutting in with moments of soul, disco and experimental plots. West is a magpie-like musician, unafraid to assemble songs from a motley collection of influences and ideas. He weaves songs together with a deft hand and an acute grasp for the memorable yet momentary.