Total Leatherette

For The Climax Of The Night


Released: 14th July 2017

Limited to 250.
Glasgow's Total Leatherette have squeezed themselves into black wax for Milk Records with brutal results. Another example of the nocturnally-obsessed music emanating from Glasgow's Green Door studio, For The Climax Of The Night builds significantly on the duo's original blueprint of EBM-infected, DAF-like technoid synth-pop, with a more abstract sound that takes leaps into the industrial darkness. Snare drums are locked down in echo, with vocals seeping in under the door. There's an intoxicating lightlessness through-out, bass heavy blocks of sound weighing down the album with a menace that grounds the songs.

Taking it’s title from the classic ‘Sharevari’ by ANUMBEROFNAMES, ‘..Climax...’ elaborates on last year’s excellently received debut release “Fist And Shout” (Domestic Exile), an initial statement of intent so perverted and wicked it’s a (wonderful) surprise to hear they’ve pushed the deviance even further with this follow-up. This release sees the duo’s focus shift towards the experience of the dance floor, of which anxiety and tension protrude as feature characteristics. The opening track ‘Prince Cut’​ conjures the sensation of approaching a hidden venue, where frequencies build with every step until one finds oneself overwhelmed inside it’s raw and distorted interior.

On tracks like ‘Faux Fox’​, the pure, unadulterated licentiousness of the music will overwhelm. The ketamine-rush of ‘Fab Jelly Empire’​ and glory-hole-disco of ‘Work Harder’ ​grab your face and your groin hard and refuse to let go like some voodoo bounce of desire. Even the apparent reprieve of closer ‘Ultratint Magnifico’​ doesn’t feel so much like a release, more like the final, ultimate submission. Musical references can be made (Throbbing Gristle​, DAF​, ’School Daze’-style Patrick Cowley​) but fundamentally this is music made for one intention; to fuck. Hard.