Gras H'utsi

Spillage Fete

Released: 3rd November 2017

Bons is Kevin Cormack, Matthew Hunt and Spillage Fete's own Mathew Fowler. While seeming like a comprehensive distillation of the Spillage Fete aesthetic, Bons creates its own narrative using sound sources both un and familiar. Gras H'utsi feels completely natural, like the slow unfurling of a film about a whole generation's childhood in the 70s, reimagined and sepia-toned. Compositionally, much of this work reminds us of Basil Kirchin's journeys in the industrial North: it's easy to imagine Billy Casper in Kes running down a hill before disillusionment sets in while listening to these tracks. Each sound seems to feel disembodied yet completely interwoven into the whole of the album, with beguiling flute passages dovetailing with vocal samples and electronically manipulated percussion, stereo-panned chords fading in and out of the ear. Much of the album feels like vignettes dedicated to a preferred memory, each piece perfect in its open-endedness, evoking separate emotional landscapes that all tie in to the same country of the mind. It's a place to get lost in.