Peter Power

Awake Into Life

Invicisble Inc

Released: 11th August 2017

Mysterious stirrings on Glasgow's Invisible Inc. Peter Power in fact seems like a collaborative effort, with a slouching rhythm on the verge of Balearia, dragging a cosmic drift into the heart of the body. A seam of mystical exoticism abounds, with gong hits punctuating the steamy, ritualistic mass. The sound is a mixture of electronic instrumentation: SH101 stabs and loping, thumping kick drums and watery sound sources trickling into the eardrum, jungle exotica adding to the atmospherics. Sacral Bells, the opening 14 minute hypnotic opener sets the tone, while Peregrine Sun is a purer drone, vocals chanting and weaving in and out of an analogue synth tone. Elsewhere, the utopia is disturbed by krautrockist moves, cosmic dis-harmony coalescing, finally, into a more mystic closure.