Sheer Mag


Static Shock

Released: 12th May 2017

Finally, perhaps THE underground rock n' roll band of whatever decade we're in right now compile their impeccable first 3 E.P.s on single 12" slammer. Breaking out in 2014, the group won hearts and minds with their fiery, right-on concoction of Riffs - with the biggest capital R you can imagine - and an ear for the Hook that rivalled 70s rock legends Thin Lizzy. Ultimately though, Sheer Mag are their own group: duelling/duetting guitars, knock-out thunder-drums and the unique, rabble-rousing powervoice of Christina Halliday. Coming from the Philly punk underground, it just feels right that Sheer Mag should be the band to crossover, a band who trade in personal / political power, fighting the good cause, banging the heads.