Aine O'Dwyer



Released: 20th October 2017

Gallarais was recorded between 2013-2015 in the shaft of the Brunel tunnel. The shaft itself is 50ft in diameter and 50ft deep with an
acoustic decay of three to four seconds. The square window located in the ceiling of the shaft invited a filter of sound from the outside
world; trains from 14ft below, overhead planes, and a pump mechanism, all synthesized with my own sonic contributions,
becoming part of the shaft’s unified breath. This transformed the tunnels structure into a ‘mystic cave’ and host for transmigrational
sound. Áine O’Dwyer is a multi-instrumentalist and singer originally from Ireland. She is recognized mainly for her harp playing. To date
she has worked with, and, most likely known for her collaborations with Mark Fry & the A. Lords, Piano Magic and Richard Moult. She
has also played on Cruachan's album The Morrigan's Call, and worked with Alice Maher. T