Saint Etienne



Released: 15th September 2017

Fully Signed
The CD EP includes a new 3.36 radio version of ‘Dive' plus 3 brand new songs ‘London Like A Distant Sun’. ‘Doods Brow’ and ‘Obvious.'
Those who’ve heard the EP think the songs should have been included on ‘Home Counties’
Sarah Cracknell says..“I started writing ‘Dive' with Carwyn Ellis in early 2016, we’d worked on my solo album together and were on a bit of a roll. I love the final result, it reminds me of care free summer days growing up in Home Counties Windsor fooling around on the Thames. My favourite song on the Dive EP is ‘Obvious' which is about leaving your hometown and boomeranging back later in life. It’s something that didn’t happen to me but so many of my old friends have returned to Windsor or in fact never left. I envy the fact that they meet up together in the same pubs we used to hang out in our teens. That would be a welcome treat right now as I’m missing my recently departed friend Mick Bund. This release is dedicated to him.”