Lost Girls


Smalltown Supersound

Released: 2nd March 2018

Singer and composer Jenny Hval and multi-instrumentalist Håvard Volden collaborate for an EP of two extended, lucid, and intimate pieces of art-punk.
The two compositions that make up the “Feeling” EP, "Drive" and "Accept," are the results of ongoing work that took place over the past three years. The first track, "Drive," is the final recorded version of an extended composition that's been a staple of Hval's recent tours over the past several years.
It plays out over thirteen minutes, during which frissons of electricity and hand drums give way to a persistent beat and shimmering synths that are as menacing as they are strangely serene. Above it all is Hval's vocals, delivering meditations on the nature of performance, gender, and ownership of one's self and the material things that exist in our lives
“Accept,” the largely instrumental B-side, is an 11-minute hybrid of wide-open free jazz drumming, blown-out blast beats, and B-movie horror vocalizations.