Jens Lekman

Life Will See You Now

Secretly Canadian

Released: 10th February 2017

Jens Lekman describes his new record, ‘Life Will See You Now’, playfully but also honestly, as “a midlife-crisis disco album; it’s an existentialist record, about seeing the
consequences of your choices.” ‘Life Will See You Now’ is a typical Lekman album in
several ways - sly humour is key to its heartfelt nature, it inverts pop’s writing norm by making songs with sad concerns sound happy and songs with a happy subject
sound sad and it plays with notions of identity and the self. However, as the title suggests, it also represents a significant move forward, as if across a threshold. It’s the
more expansive, upbeat sound of a revitalised Lekman who is just one of many characters in his new stories about the magic and messiness of different kinds of