Sheer Mag

Need To Feel Your Love

Static Shock

Released: 8th September 2017

Finally, the band of the moment follow up 3 stellar, scene-defying E.P.'s with a debut album. Need To Feel Your Love, recorded in the same D.I.Y., crunchy manner as before, is nevertheless a jump forward in many ways. While the group will always maintain a basement-dwelling grit, here they've blossomed into a modern rock band to believe in. 2 years of constant touring have sharped the group into a song-machine, meaning that the effervescent Thin Lizzyisms are juiced up to stadium-level while there's an injection of good-time, convertible sports-car-in-the-sun yacht rock, all sieved through the filter of Philadelphia's finest shredders. Riffs are of course on tap, Rock is served hot and, in Christina Halliday, the soul is on fire.